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As you can probably imagine, properly functioning brakes are vital to the safety of yourself and your passengers big and small.

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When to Come in for Brake Service:

If you start notice a squeaking sound coming from your brakes, it's a good idea to bring them in to get them checked out. This is an audible indicator you need new brake pads.  Chances are you are close to needing new brake pads or you already are in need. 

If you hear a grinding noise or a sort of growling sound coming from your brakes when you start stopping, your brakes are likely beyond repair and will need replacing. We highly recommend that you do not wait to this point for repair. However, if you find yourself in this position, please visit a certified technician immediately. 

If your brakes become "soft" or your vehicle doesn't stop as effectively when you apply the brakes, you should bring your vehicle in immediately. 

If your vehicle pulls to the left or the right when stopping, your brake linings are likely wearing unevenly and this will need to be addressed and resolved. 

Understanding Brake Parts : Brakes and Rotors and Brake Pads 

One thing you can do as a vehicle owner is better understand the different moving parts that make up your brake system. When you press your brake pedal the brake pads create friction; in turn, the brake rotor disperses heat throughout the vehicle to keep the brakes themselves from overheating. Both are essential to the proper functioning of your braking system.

Brake Service: Replacing Your Brake Pads

Brake Service: Replacing Your Brake Pads

Brake pad replacement is the most common repair job for automotive brake systems. The reason is simple: brakes are designed to wear out. The pads rub on the brake disk to stop your car, so worn pads are the first part to check if you are experiencing any braking problems.

Assuming that you have the proper tools, the two most difficult aspects of brake pad replacement are the heavy weight of the caliper and the pistons. Without proper tools, adjusting the piston and calipers to fit over the new, thicker pads can be very difficult.

Since brake pads are only one possible problem with a brake system, there are other items to check as well. If the pads are worn thin or are cracked from heat during use, pad replacement may be necessary and the system should be inspected.

Current Brake Service

All brake repairs and brake shops are not the same. At Meineke, we know cost-effective solutions are just as important as stellar service.

Visit our store at 4515 Towson Avenue, Fort Smith, Arkansas 72701. 

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Maintenance Monday - Engine Coolant

Our service advisor for Meineke, Garret Mixon, has given us some good Maintenance information on engine coolant. What it is - and why it's important. Be sure to stay tuned for the outtakes!