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What is the importance of a properly functioning exhaust system?

If your exhaust system isn't functioning correctly, like for instance if you have a clogged or fowled out catalytic converter, your car won't perform properly and you're gas mileage will suffer. 

Then there are the obvious things like your emissions (exhaust fumes) being too high, which in some states will cause issues with vehicle inspections, and noise level, which can cause problems with neighbors and cops.

What are the warning signs of a bad muffler?

  1. Bad Smell - When you muffler is doing it's job, it takes the exhaust from your car and pushes it to the  back. If you are noticing a bad smell while driving, this is a serious issue for your car and your health. This is likely due to your muffler not doing it's job and carrying the exhaust out the back so the fumes are getting into your car. If you notice, a smell while driving please visit our store immediately. 
  2. Loud Noises - If your muffler is working properly, your car should have a quiet/average volume coming out the back. However, if your muffler isn't properly functioning, your exhaust will become much louder than normal. You and everyone else driving on the road included will know your muffler is underperforming or broken all together. 
  3. Lower MPG - Pay attention to your gas mileage. If you seem to be getting less-than-normal miles per gallon, it could be related to your muffler. 

What are the benefits of an after market exhaust system?

  1. More power - While choosing an aftermarket exhaust system isn't the go-to performance boost such as getting a turbo charger or fully upgrading your engine, you can squeeze a few more horsepower into your overall performance goal by modifying it. Higher-end after market exhausts allow you to reduce your back pressure, which will give you your end goal of increased horse power. 
  2. Better sound - If you are a car enthusiast, like myself, the sound and the overall tone of the car is important. Every exhaust has a different tone. Although it takes a well-tuned ear to able to pick up on them closely, you can seek out the exact tone to your taste. 
  3. Customize your system - There are multiple variations you can select once you decide to customize your exhaust. You can choose from a cat-back, a header back or an axle-back system. 
  4. Improved Fuel Economy -  As you have probably picked up on this by now, a better performing exhaust system equals better fuel economy. 

Where can I go for a new performance exhaust system?

Our Meineke Car Care Center right here in Fort Smith, Arkansas of course! We offer exhaust system repair and muffler services right here in our shop! You can book your appointment online by visiting this link here or visit us at 4515 Towson Avenue, Fort Smith, AR 72901 . You can also call us at (479) 274-8684 . 


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Maintenance Monday: Brake Pads

 Monday we have Maintenance Monday feature hosted by our service center expert, Garrett Mixon. This weeks feature is brake pads. Check out Garrett's video to learn what brake pads are, why they are important and what they do!

All About Engine Coolant

Engine coolant not only cools the engine, but also is a lubricant and has anti-corrosion additives. These additives break down over time and needs to be replaced. The type of coolant in your car will determine how often it will need to be replaced. There are two main types of coolant, Ethelyne Glycol and Propylene Glycol. Ethelyne Glycol is usually green and is toxic.  Never open the coolant reservoir with the engine hot. This is the stuff that you need to keep away from your pets. Propylene Glycol is more commonly used in modern cars because it is non-toxic and lasts longer. Both need to be checked regularly with a hydrometer. We check your coolant level every time you're in for an oil change here at our Meineke service department at Rath Auto Resources.

To schedule an appointment with our service department, follow this link :

Written by: Garret Mixon - Service Advisor of Meineke Car Care Center of Fort Smith, Arkansas

Your Vehicles Tires { Rath Auto Fort Smith, Arkansas Used Car Dealer }

What are the best kind of tires? A lot of people ask what the best brand of tires are and there's not really a good answer for that. Many different tire manufacturers produce tires with benefits over the others and it really boils down to what exactly you are looking to get out of the tires. Here at Rath Auto Resources, our maintenance shop sells mainly Cooper/Mastercraft tires for several reasons, the main one being that they offer a true mileage warranty. If you purchase the Cooper CS5 it will come with an 80K mile true warranty.

How do you know if you need new tires? If you're unsure,  just look to Abraham Lincoln. Using a penny is a great way to judge your tread depth. Insert Lincoln head first into the tread, if you can see the top of his head its time for some new tires.

How often should my tires be rotated? Once you get new tires its very important to keep them rotated regularly. Rotating every 6-8K miles is perfect for maximizing tire life.

How do I know if my tires need more air? Maintaining proper inflation is just as important, your vehicle has a yellow placard inside the door jamb that will have the specific pressures required for your vehicle. If your tire pressure light stays on after you have properly inflated them, you may need to have the sensors programmed at a shop.


Written by: Garret Mixon

How Often Should You Change Your Oil {Fort Smith, Arkansas Used Car Dealer }

With the economy being what it is today, we all strive to get the most for our money. For some of us, car maintenance is one of those things that can slip through the cracks on our priority lists, am I right? So here it is...

Changing your oil every 3,000 miles has a number of benefits, the number one benefit being longer engine life. Oil is not only a lubricant but also a coolant. Both of these qualities break down over time causing wear to vital engine components. If a longer oil change period is desired synthetic oils are the way to go. A synthetic oil will last for 6000 miles before it starts to break down. If you are ever unsure of what type of oil your vehicle needs, the owners manual is the best place to look for the proper weight and type of oil. However, if you don't have it we can always look it up.

If your engine is running louder than usual, you don't even remember when it was you had your oil changed last or your check engine light won't turn off, chances are you might need an oil change. You can also open your hood, and use the dipstick connected to the oil tank and check your oil level. However, because the dipstick can get oil on it during driving, it is important to get a rag and clean the dipstick, reinsert into the oil tank and check your oil level. If your oil level is half or less, you need an oil change.

Here at Rath Auto Resources, we have a full service Meineke department. They offer Synthetic Blend oil changes start at just $24.95 and our Synthetic starts at only $49.95. If you are paying more than that you are spending too much.All of our oil changes come with a full inspection. We look at your brakes, fluids, suspension, belts, hoses, etc.

Schedule an oil change appointment online at : or call your Service Advisor, Phillip Matlock at (479) 646-8251 .