Barling Cruise Night

Barling Cruise Night - Fall 2016 - Rath Auto Resources

"Better Late than Never"

As always, Rath Auto Resources and Meineke Car Care Center are official sponsors of the Barling Cruise Night. Here are a few images from the (long ago) night :)

Barling Cruise Night with Rath Auto

We always have a great time at the Barling Cruise Night's and the 2016 Spring cruise was no different. There are always some of the most incredible hot rods out cruising around. Just as before, we had out tent set up and handed out free shirts and some other goodies! Most of our employees brought their kids out and a few have hot rods of their own they cruised as well.

With brakes locking, blinkers being faulty, door handles that don't work, no side mirrors and a couple times of flooding the engine....we knew we were officially in a hot rod. Larry recently purchased a Chevy C-10 and made a rat rod out of it. We literally got it back from the shop hours before the cruise night. There were a few things that still needed work so it was a risk and required having someone to follow us there and back! 

We took photos of nearly every single vehicle from the evening. If you would like to browse through the entire gallery and purchase prints or other print products, visit this link and share if you see anyone you know!  . There is a watermark on the images in the gallery, if you choose to print them, the watermark will not be printed on any of the images. Gallery link:

Here are a few of our favorite cars from the night!

April 2016 Events in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Fort Smith Events

Join Rath Auto & Meineke Car Care Center at Barling Cruise Night

Meineke Car Care Center & Rath Auto Resources will be a vendor for the annual Barling Cruise Night again this year! We will have our tent set up with our prize wheel, giveaways, free merch and more! We also just recently purchased an old Chevy C-10 that we are working on restoring! It will make it's first public appearance at the Barling Cruise Night! Be sure to come out and have fun with the family and see us at our booth! There will be amazing cars, trucks and more, live music, food, and all kinds of fun!

Be sure to check out the official event at:

Check out our photos from the Fall Barling Cruise Night in 2015 at 

Rath Auto Rat Rod

Barling Cruise Night with Rath Auto Resources

The Barling Cruise Night was awesome! There was so many crazy cool cars from old muscle cars, decked out semi's, to motorcycles, Jeeps and more! There was great live music and it was just wonderful to see the community all together enjoying themselves and their families. Our Meineke Car Care Center was a sponsor for the event so we were able to hand out cool items like blankets and coozies and we also did drawing for free oil changes! Check out the pictures from the event below!

Join us at Barling Cruise Night

Come join us on Rogers avenue in Fort Smith, Arkansas this Saturday at 6pm! We will have a fun tent set up at the Barling Cruise Night and we will be hosting drawings for prizes and giveaways! There will be awesome live music, great food, amazing cars and all kinds of family fun! Come say hi to us at our tent and sign up for some goodies! Also, since we are wrapping up our car shows for the year, we want to give you one last reminder for some car show etiquette that we put together at the start of the car show season. You can find that article here:

Proper Car Show Etiquette { Rath Auto Resources }

It's that time of year again when car shows are filling up our event calendars. While some of us are seasoned veterans and know the do's and don't with the cars, there are plenty who might not know proper etiquette. Keep in mind, these cars are just as valuable as their first-born child. For some, these are cars they have dreamed of owning their entire life for others they spent decades working in the shop with their dad fixing these cars up to where they are now. Also, maybe this is not your first time attending, but your first time being a featured car! We have prepared a list of few things for you to make sure you are a pro at your next car show.

  1. First rule of the car show - You do not talk about the car show.
  2. Just kidding - making sure you are still paying attention ;)

For real now:

  1. Do not touch any cars - including sitting in them or leaning on them.  Most of the time, the car owners are going to be thrilled to talk about their cars with you and if they may even offer for you to get behind the wheel - but let that be their decision.
  2. Be aware of dangling jewelry, watches and keys. Of course you would never do it intentionally, but these things may accidentally scratch the paint if you are not careful.
  3. If you have the most bad sound system - good for you. That must be epic. But most don't want to hear it at the show. It's okay if someone want's to hear it , turn it up and let it go for a good 15-30 seconds then bring it back down.
  4. Please, just please do not burn out before leaving. No explanation needed.
  5. If you have committed to being a feature during the show, please don't leave early. It leaves and empty spot and is just bad all around for everyone.
  6. Respect the cars. Everyone has different tastes, different budgets, and different ideas. If you don't like a car, there is no need to give unsolicited advice or criticism.
  7. Be a good sport. Some car shows will be next level stuff while others are mom and pop shows. No matter what the judge's decision rules, just enjoy your time spent there around other car people and a fun day and call it good.
  8. As great as your car sounds, unnecessary revving isn't appreciated.
  9. Clean up your trash. Whether you are a feature or just a guest, please be aware of your trash.
  10. If you wish to market to car show attendees, please leave it in their seat and do not put it under the windshield wiper.