Dog Accessories for Cars - Rath Auto Resources

Dogs are part of the family and deserve to be treated like so. I don't know about how it is at your house, but we have to say "R word" when referring to going for a ride if we don't intend on following through, otherwise, we will have one disappointed husky on our hands. If you follow our dealership much at all on social media, you have likely already seen, Lizzy Rath. She is our baby!

1. Car Seat For Dogs. Tru-Fit Smart Harness with Seat Belt Loop lets you buckle up your pet and hit the road with confidence. 


2. Waterproof Hammock Back Seat Cover . This is a great accessory to protect your seats from accidents, dog hair, dander and dirt. 

3. Pet Ramp . If you have a large dog that cannot be easily lifted in and out of the back, this is a great option to help keep your dogs hips and joints free from damage from jumping in and out. 


4. Back Seat Barrier - Travel with your pet safely in the backseat or cargo area using a pet barrier. Easy to install and remove, the barrier is adjustable to fit perfectly in any vehicle. 

There is another variation for the backseat barriers as well. 

5. Collapsable Water Bowl - Expandable food and water cup that you can latch onto your dogs leash when you are on the go. 

6. High Road Doggie Organizer - Large compartment holds 24 cups of dry food or fill with dog toys and treats.