Back to the Future: Concept Cars of the Past - 1970 Ferrari Modulo

1970 Ferrari Modulo

Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 1970 (in the pearl light blue colour), it won 22 international design awards for a “pure formal research, in its intentional geometricity”. The prototype was selected to represent the best of Italian coach building skill at the 1970 Osaka Expo and was displayed as envoy of Italian design, in Mexico City in 1971.

According to, "The Modulo is characterized by two overlapping body shells, separated by a rectilinear indention on the waistline. Front assembly, canopy and trunk were joined in a single arching curve, the ample windshield was bordered by truncated come uprights that considerably lightened the extensive surface of the front assembly.  The stylistic progression of the side windows was repeated in impression on the lower section of the module, in sheet metal. The rear assembly attracted attention by the fairing around the wheels, which joins up with the bodywork, creating a cylindrical motif of particular originality. Access to the passenger compartment is obtained by sliding the entire cupola, include the windscreen, on special guides. The interior of the cockpit was spare, with two anatomically shaped and highly elongated seats, enveloping, providing a correct driving position and perfect anchoring of the driver and passenger. Interesting feature is represented by the adoption of two spherical turning elements working as orientable aerator and as a support for the main controls."