Recent hail storms in the Fort Smith area have left thousands of drivers with damaged cars ranging from minor dings to completely totaled vehicles. While some will repair their vehicles with insurance money, this has led many people to consider trading their damaged cars for nicer, newer models. 

hail damage

  “This is honestly a great opportunity for a lot of people to be able to trade and save money,” said Larry Rath, owner of Rath Auto Resources.

   Most car dealerships in Fort Smith were caught in the middle of the storm and are struggling with hail-damaged cars. Rath Auto Resources was located on the outside edge of the storm’s path.

  “We got lucky,” said Rath. “We got very little hail here compared to how bad the rest of town seemed to get hit.”

  With this being the worst, most extensive hail storm the River Valley has seen in eight years, drivers are looking to their insurance companies to get money to repair their cars. Rath wants people to know that those repairs may not be necessary.

   “We want to see people’s cars with their full damage,” Rath said. “If they have a lot of hail damage on their cars, we may still be able to trade for them and fix them ourselves.”

   That could mean a nicer, newer car free of hail damage with a little money left over for down payment, tags or just some money to put in the bank. 

   “A lot of people just don’t want to deal with the hassle of fixing their cars after a storm like this. We have about 160 clean cars right now that are ready to go!”

   Solutions specialists at Rath Auto are available to help customers through this process, whether that means giving some guidance on their claims process, appraising a damaged trade or finding a nicer, newer vehicle. Call 1-888-837-3578 to set up an appointment.

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Amazing place ,
The people here are so patient with you and want to help you not just try to beg you for a car ! I didn’t think I would get anywhere due to my situation but they helped and went the extra miles with warranty and gap insurance ! If you feel your credit I extremely bad , please go talk to mike Jennings from rath auto resources and let him hook you up
— Christopher Perez
Just amazing place with amazing people that honestly just want to put you in the car you want. not the car they want to sell you. Me and my wife are very pleased with the way we were treated and our financing was handled . Tell you the truth the whole time I was talking to them I was waiting for the your approved but we need this to make it happen. Kevin hegemann is a good salesman and will always follow up with you and be honest with you .
— Willie Peters

Author: David Rath