Why used car salesmen are the WORST

Why used car salesmen are the WORST


There are a handful of people in this world that us, other people, hate. Among these hated people include lawyers and used car salesmen. Since I am the “multi-media communications manager” no one else at the dealership will probably read this blog, so I am going tell you guys the deep dark secrets of why used car salesmen are really the worst kind of people and they shouldn’t be trusted.

Let’s just get to it here...some of them know the lyrics to Nickelback songs. We all know that anyone who can sings This Is How You Remind Me needs help.

I don’t know about all used car salesmen, but personally, ours drive cars of their own. This very obviously means they are biased to their own product. You really should trust people with an unbiased opinion. Try finding a dealership where the sales people commute to work via unicycles, segways or really anything else but a car.

They usually have families of their own.  They are the kind of people that come to work every single day and help the average Joe get into a new work truck, a sports car, or even a minivan so that they can feed their families and pay their own bills. Have you ever been around people that have families to provide for? They will do anything..literally anything to help pay bills. That is just irresponsible. I would recommend you find someone else that doesn’t have anything possibly relatable to you - like children, spouses, family, etc that they have to work for. Something where they are more responsible and won’t do whatever it takes to help you.

This is probably one that bothers me the most….they typically like dogs. I don’t just mean like the “Oh, I have a dog that sleeps in the backyard.” Kind of people, but they kind that are gushing over shelter dogs when we have live adoption events with the humane society. Dogs are needy. They constantly need your affection, pets, treats, etc. You can’t trust someone that is always needed by a dog. Find a used car salesperson that prefers less needy dependencies...like stuffed animals or something a little more manageable.

And here is the icing on the cake...while I can’t speak for people at other dealerships - at our dealership, our solution specialist actually enjoy their job. WHAT?! Yes, they actually enjoy their job. They are crazy brainwashed people who like helping people like me and you. They aren’t even on commission. They work on flippin’ salary and they like coming to work every day and have fun. They are always laughing, goofing around with each other and smiling. Something. Must. Be. Wrong. With. Them. No one loves work. But these guys do. I don’t know what Larry Rath is doing to them, but clearly it’s unhealthy. I encourage you to find a dealership where the people are miserable, rude and hate their careers. They are much more likely to be “normal.”