Wellness Wednesday - Almonds

Almonds - the perfect snack, great addition to breakfast oatmeals, granola bars and much more. But what you may not know is how great they are for you! We highly recommend almonds as a workplace snack. They are easy to munch on, and they come in bulk or even in pre-packaged single servings. They also come in a variety of options such as raw, salted, lightly salted, wasabi, cocoa, smokey, chocolate covered, and many more! 

If you are a frequent Amazon shopper, like we are at our house, you can even order pre-packaged almonds to take to work! They are cheaper, you don't have to get out of the house, and they arrive right to your door step! 

Or you can buy them by the bag at a great price too! 

Here are some even better reasons to fall in love with almonds!

- Almonds are high in potassium and low in sodium which aid in blood pressure regulation. 

- They are high in Vitamin E which promotes youthful skin. 

- Almonds boost your immunity because of their high Vitamin E properties. 

- They are rich in Biotin which helps regulate blood sugar. 

- They're a great energy booster.

Our favorite almond recipes include: