January Events in Fort Smith, Arkansas - Rath Auto Resources

Fort Smith Events in January 2016

  1. January 1st- Mayor's New Year's Eve Party - Fort Smith Convention Center - 8:30 (Dec 31st) - 12:00am (Jan 1) - Admission: Free
  2. January 1st - Ary by Penny Joyner - Fort Smith Public Library Windsor Branch - 9am . Admission: Free
  3. January 3rd - Christmas Honors Wreath Pick Up
  4. January 4th - Primetime Storytime: Sleepybear Storytime - Fort Smith Public Library - Admission: Free
  5. January 4th - Picturing the America's Snapshot - 1pm- 2pm Crystal Bridges
  6. January 11th - Writer's Group - Crystal Bridges 11:00am-12:30pm
  7. January 14th - 11:30-2pm Preschool Playdate - Crystal Bridges - Admission: Free
  8. January 16th - Blue White Night UAFS vs Lubbock 2016 5:00-11:00pm
  9. January 23rd - Old Fort Dandies Chili's Supper and Auction 6:00-8:00pm Admission: $8.00

Other events you may or may not have heard about:

  1. January 3rd - National  Fruitcake Toss Day (toss it away ;)  )
  2. January 8th - David Bowie releases 25th Album: Blackstar
  3. January 23rd - National Measure Your Feet Day
  4. January 26th - National Australia Day

Facts about January:

  • January is named after the Roman god Janus, who was always shown as having two heads. He looked back to
    the last year and forward to the new one. The Roman New Year festival was called the Calends, and people
    decorated their homes and gave each other gifts. - source
  • January 1st, 1908 - 1st New Year's ball drop at Times Square, NYC - source
  • January 1st, 1971 - Cigarette television ads cease. - source
  • January 3, 1983 - Plinko was added as a Pricing Game for the series The Price Is Right - source
  • January 31, 1999 - Family Guy premiered on Fox - source


Special Feature

Our very own finance manager, David Rath, and his wife, Kala, are launching a very special project this month. Three years after ending fertility treatments that never resulted in pregnancy, David and Kala decided to create and online community - The Infertility Project.  This community features everything they had ever hoped they could want but under one simple and safe roof for those dealing with infertility. The online community has an education center, personal yoga instructor with weekly classes, exclusive partner discounts for members, private forums for men and women, an activity feed (like Facebook), weekly projects to inspire life outside of infertility, and one of their favorite features...the mentors. There is a wide variety of mentors ranging from a chiropractor, fertility experts, therapist, acupuncturist, surrogate expert and their mentors continue to grow weekly. These mentors are available to answer questions for the members at anytime. We encourage you to join the community if you are experiencing infertility or share with someone you know who does. 

What you need:

½ cup shea butter

¼ cup coconut oil

1 tsp ginger root powder

1 tsp cayenne pepper

10 drops eucalyptus essential oil


Melt the coconut oil and shea butter using a double boiler system – I always just use a mason jar, and place it right in a sauce pan with some water on medium heat.  Once they’ve melted, mix in the ginger and cayenne powder. Once the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, remove from the heat and add the drops of essential oil.  Stir, transfer to a jar, and place in the fridge to cool.

Rub on sore muscles and joints as needed!*

*I recommend testing a small amount on your hand first to make sure your skin doesn’t react to the mixture.

Words to Live by: