How We Remedy Our Colds Naturally

There is just something soothing about healing your body naturally with things from the earth, whether that be food, herbs or even rest. In our home, we always try to live as close to natural (and toxic/chemical free) as possible. This time of year is hard on anyone...especially with the back and forth weather. One week it's 75 in December, the next week it's 25 degrees. I think a lot of people are struggling with maintaining good health right about now. So while it is particularly relevant, I want to share with you how our family fights of colds, germs, and illness from the pantry rather than the medicine cabinet. What we DON'T put in our bodies during times of illness: Dairy and sugar.

One of the yummiest and comforting things we love to do when we feel sick is to sip on Golden Milk.

1 cup dairy free milk (I like 1/2 almond and 1/2 coconut milk)

1 tsp raw honey (make sure it is raw)

1 tsp good quality turmeric

dash of nutmeg

dash of cinnamon

sliver of coconut oil


Heat your milk in a sauce pan until it comes to a rolling boil. Pour into a mug. Add remaining ingredients. Enjoy :)

The next thing is not for the faint of heart. If you are not used to the "natural remedy" life or if you do not have "dead" tastebuds, I recommend finding a way to dilute the tonic. But if you really want to stop a cold in it's tracks and heal your body naturally, I highly recommend the Ozark Tonic. It contains ginger, horseradish, onion, garlic & a variety of chili peppers.A All you need is one tablespoon once or twice a day. It sounds "not pleasant" and it certainly smells rough, but it actually doesn't taste as bad as it would sound. I promise :) You can purchase this tonic at Ozark Natural Foods or online

Our next line of defense is our essential oils...particularly Thieves. We diffuse Thieves in a diffuser all day and all night before, during and after and sickness in our home. We also make a Thieves tea by mixing a spoonful of raw honey, 2 drops of Young Living Thieves essential oil and 1 drop of Young Living Peppermint essential oil in a mug of warm/hot water. The peppermint has the perfect cooling sensation on the back of a sore throat. It's like having a cold popsicle on your throat, except it doesn't melt or make you cough! 

These Burt's Bees honey drops are new to our regimen this year! They taste great and are soothing on your throat because of the Eucalyptus oil in them. They also contain honey. 

Interesting in reading why raw honey is so dang good for you? Check out this link:

We also love our Traditional Medicinals herbal teas. Various tea blends can be purchased at most of your health food stores and some Target's. A couple of our favorites include Throat Coat , Breathe Easy , HerbaTussin, and Cold Care P.M.