Homemade Dog Treat Recipe

Have you ever wanted to make your own dog treats? Well, we have the  perfect dog tested and approved treat recipe! They are super easy to make and pretty quick too! If you are looking for dog treat cookie cutter shapes try checking Hobby Lobby and Williams Sonoma.

"With all of the talk about wheat these days, you’re probably curious, if not concerned, about whether this grain is a beneficial ingredient or not in your dog’s diet. Can dogs eat wheat?
While there is no nutritional requirement for wheat in a dog’s diet, there are benefits to its presence. For instance, certain wheats can contain fibers that may be helpful in aiding the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut or intestines. Fiber found in wheat is also helpful in keeping your dog’s bowel movements regular.

Speaking of keeping regular, it’s been found that older dogs are more likely to develop constipation, so increased fiber, such as wheat bran, can help keep things moving.

Wheat also packs a burst of energy — the carbohydrates found in this grain are great when it comes to fueling muscular and metabolic activities.

Some dogs (actually very few when compared to other allergens) may be allergic to wheat." so make sure you know before you feed your dog wheat flour or consider talking with your vet first -source PetcareRX

And just for fun, here are some cute pictures of our husky, Lizzy!