Autumn Crockpot Chicken Recipe

Few things are better than the first bit of fall when the leaves begin to change, the air begins to cool and everything tastes just a little better! Here at Rath Auto Resources, we love and value family and the time spent together as well as a family meal. That's why we put together one of our favorite family dishes in the crock pot to save time in the kitchen and have more time at the table! All of our ingredients are local, organic and provide nourishment to our bodies.

Did you know?

Butternut squash: low in calories, high in Vitamin C, high in fiber, high in potassium, high in antioxidants, good source of magnesium, good for your eyes and heart

Onion: Natural antibiotic, aids in digestion, protects your brain, purifies the blood, natural antiseptic, assists respiratory issues and more!

Lemon: regulates blood pressure, detoxifies the body, is a rich source of vitamin C, helps balance pH levels, improves eyesight, aids in digestion and more!

Garlic: 3 cloves of garlic have the same antibacterial activity as penicillin (Source: Jo Robinson), boosts immune system, improves circulation, reduced fat in the liver and more!

Carrots: improves skin , eyesight, liver and kidney function, maintains a healthy heart and more!

Celery: calms nerves, prevents calcium deposits, anti-inflammatory, aids in digestion, assists with migraines, can regulate blood pressure and more!

Sage: memory booster, fights gum and mouth diseases, anti-inflammatory, cold remedy and more!

Rosemary: anti fungal, antibacterial, relieves gout, relives rheumatism, helps concentrations, calms adrenal fatigue, helps digestion and more!

Protein (the chicken): burns fat, speeds up recovery, makes you feel full, maintains muscle mass and more!


1 whole local chicken

Butternut squash - 4 cups cubed (keep the seeds for roasting)

1 medium onion - chopped

2 stalks celery chopped

1 large carrot (or 2 small)

1 lemon sliced

4 cloves garlic, peeled

3 cloves garlic pressed

2 sprigs Sage leaves

2 TBS Apple Cider Vinger

Handful (20-30 springs) of Rosemary

2 cups water

Olive oil

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste


Place chopped squash, onion, carrot and celery in the bottom of your crock-pot. Put lemon, 4 cloves of garlic and sage inside chicken cavity. If there is any lemon that can't fit in the cavity, save it for the outside of the chicken. Place the chicken on top of the vegetables in the crock pot. Pour apple cider vinegar over the chicken and let it set 20-30 minutes. This process helps draw out the nutrients of the chicken so that you obtain more health benefits. Drizzle the chicken skin with olive oil until is lightly and evenly coated. Mix together 3 cloves of garlic crushed with a little salt and pepper and rub on the skin of the chicken. Sprinkle the rosemary on top of the chicken. Add water. Cook on high heat for 4-5 hours or until thoroughly cooked all the way through and juice runs clear. As it is cooking, keep an eye and make sure there is enough water; add more if needed.

Roasted Butternut Squash Seeds

Keep the seeds of the butternut squash and let them air dry for 15-30 mins. Spray them with olive oil (like Pam). Sprinkle with salt, pepper and any other seasonings you like (I use garlic powder and chili powder on ours). Roast in the oven at 300 for about 30 minutes or until crispy. Cook time will vary on how many seeds you get from your squash.