It is not uncommon for us to load up in the car, set out for adventure with no destination in mind. Sometimes we just end up driving for several hours and other times we end up in Dallas at Rusty's Tacos and drive straight back after a few good tacos, a margarita and nice stretch of the legs. This time, we ended up at the Gentry Zoo - Wild Wilderness Drive- Through Safari. Although we had both been before, it never stops being amazing to be so close to the animals. It's not everyday you get to be inches from a wolf, pet a kangaroo and have a camel want to stick it's head through your window all in just a few hours of each other. Some people were feeding the animals out of their vehicles, but the zoo does specifically ask that you refrain from doing so. They have a petting and feeding area that is separate from the drive-thru. So if you want to go, just make sure you keep you, the animals and your car safe! It is definitely a fun time and a wide range of animals! As 3 late 20-year-olds, we can attest that it is fun for all ages! After the zoo, we couldn't resist stopping at Shake's for a frosty snack too :)

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