14 Ways You Can Make Your Thanksgiving Healthier

Ways You Can Make Your Thanksgiving Healthier

Contrary to common belief among many, "healthy" is more about the pureness of what ingredient you are putting into your body - not about the calories. Example: eating Subway is not exactly any "healthier" than any other fast food establishment when you are talking about the pure nourishment it provides for your body. It may contain less "fried food" or possibly fewer calories, however, it still is full of bread (which is full of chemicals, additives like Folic Acid, etc), processed lunch meats (ranking right up there with Spam and Slim Jims), and vegetables with pesticides...you get my point and we haven't even made it to the chips and soda.

  1. Use real butter instead of margarine { Here is why }
  2. Use full fat ingredients instead of opting for fat free (sour creams, milk, condensed soups) {Here is why}
  3. Unless you are cooking for a diabetic, skip the Splenda and artificial sweeteners  {Here is why}
  4. Use local ingredients (shop at a Farmers Market or local health food store) {Read more here} (Info on our local Farmer's Market and health food store below)
  5. Use fresh vegetables from the produce section instead of canned vegetables. {Here is why}
  6. Opt for organic when possible. {Here is why}
  7. Try a new {Paleo} Recipe
  8. Balance your menu with more nutritious vegetables (green beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts, etc over corn, mashed potatoes, etc), meat and be mindful of your grains/carbs. For every 1 carb/grain dish, have two vegetable dishes.

On the day of:

  1. Eat a nutritious breakfast - Example: Fresh fruit with a protein side.
  2. If there is a salad, fill up on that first (go for a vinaigrette instead of a creamy dressing).
  3. Split your dessert with a family member.
  4. Go for a walk with a family member after the feast.
  5. Skip the bread/rolls. (You likely have your bread with your stuffing/dressing and possibly other casseroles)
  6. Help put the food away right after lunch/dinner. It helps from snacking on it all day.

Fun and Healthy Thanksgiving recipes we suggest



Pumpkin Bread {Dairy and Nut Free}

"The Downtown Farmers Market at 2nd & Garrison is currently open year round on Saturday from 7am to noon. Before peak season, only the vendors who have things to sell during the winter months come in to the market. During the peak season from May to September on most Saturdays the market will have over 50 vendors selling produce, breads, pies, flowers, trees, honey, fish, soaps, salsa, etc! Also during the peak season, May to September, the Market is open on Tuesday's from 7am to noon. All schedules are subject to weather permitting." - Source: http://www.godowntownfs.com/farmersmarket.aspx

Fort Smith Health Food Store: Old Fashioned Foods - 8434 Phoenix Avenue in Fort Smith, Arkansas (behind the old Market Place Grille/now Grubbs Bar and Grill)

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