5 Essential Zombie Apocalypse Car Mods

We all know that when the zombie apocalypse comes,  there will be essential strategies for survival. Your vehicle is going to be one of them. It is important to make sure you have these 5 modifications prepared when the time comes.

  1. Four wheel drive or all wheel drive (getting stuck is bad, getting stuck when the hoard is after you is worse) In the zombie apocalypse, you may not have roads . Be prepared
  2. Make it Speedy - We shouldn't really have to go into too much elaboration here - whatever your running from faster is better. Most cars can benefit quite a bit from simple DIY mods. Check out a cold air intake, and an ECU Programmer ,  They’re faster than they look.
  3. Fender mounted machine guns - make sure to silence ‘em - because you know, we’re trying to be subtle.
  4. Biodiesel conversion - eventually you will run out of gasoline. Biodiesel can be made from many different sources.
  5. Shatter proof plexiglass -  hockey players can run into it and not bang it up too bad. Surely it’s good enough for our windows and windshield.