Youth With A Mission - Adamson Phiri

Adamson Phiri is an African Native that is currently being hosted by Linda and Jerry Musgrave of Fort Smith, Arkansas. Mr. and Mrs. Musgrave have been longtime friends of Larry Rath. During Dr. Phiri's stay, he had the opportunity to meet Larry and some of the other employees at the dealership and a presentation on his mission work in Africa. We were so amazed by his selfless efforts that we wanted to bring attention to it in our community. 

This is Dr.Phiri's third time to visit the United States. He has friends and connections in both Van Buren, Arkansas as well as California. He is using his time in the States to bring awareness and raise funds for his efforts. 

While in Africa, Dr. Phiri works with an organization known as Youth With A Mission as a surgeon to correct cleft lips and cleft palates in Senegal. Cleft lips and palates often can interfere with feeding, speech, hearing, dental problems and can increase risk of infection.  Even worse, in their area, children who are born with these birth defects are seen as outcasts or rejects. They are often excluded from education, marrying, and sometimes even left to die. One in twelve hundred babies in Africa are born this difficulty. 

Surgery to repair a cleft lip usually occurs in the first few months of life and is recommended within the first twelve months. Surgery to repair a cleft palate is recommended within the first eighteen months of life or sooner. After these surgeries are performed, these children have a chance to success in life physically and socially. It is literally a life changing operation for them. They still sometime need professionals to assist them in the recovery process after the surgery such as speech therapists, dentists, physiotherapists, etc.

Over 20 years ago, missionaries from the United States with Youth With a Mission visited Dr. Phiri's hometown.  He was greatly inspired by their challenges to accept mission work and pursued a medical degree .  After he earned his medical degree, he accepted his first mission work and spent four year in Kenya.  He then moved to Senegal in 1998 where he has since remained. Dr. Phiri and his team performs, on average, one hundred of these surgeries annually. They have spent the past four years and are still currently  fund raising to build a mission hospital that will house 107 patients.

If you would like to support Dr. Phiri's efforts, you can email .