Sebastian County Humane Society Needs Your Help

The Sebastian County Humane Society has been working toward transitioning into a No-Kill shelter. As of right now, the only animals they euthanize are ones that are ill beyond recovery, too violent to be around or have court orders by a judge. When making this decision to work toward becoming a No-Kill shelter, this meant they would be treating each dog that has heart worms too.

This treatment costs the humane society approximately $1,000 per dog. They currently have 28 dogs suffering from heart worms. This means they are looking at $28,000 to treat the dogs to help them recover and ultimately save their lives. Unfortunately these dogs are not able to be adopted out until they have been treated for their heart worm condition. The Sebastian County Humane Society receives no financial aid from the city, state or federal government or United Way. This fund raising is solely up to the people of our community. 

We know how much the Sebastian County Humane Society means to our community and our customers. They are consistently one of our top voted charities for donation contributions. 

Heartworm disease is a very painful and expensive procedure that ultimately will save their lives. This is nothing short of an emergency.
— Sebastian County Humane Society
Here are a few of the dogs that currently need treatment. 

Here are a few of the dogs that currently need treatment.