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Something Bold, Something New - Rath Auto Resources

The newest addition to Rath Auto Resources and the Meineke Car Care Center is the only truck on the lot that is not for sale (yet). 

For weeks now, owner Larry Rath has been hunting for the perfect “shop truck” - an older, mechanically sound pickup that could be fixed up with some paint and interior work to be a center piece for the store. After searching the internet with little luck, this 1967 Chevrolet C-10 was found and purchased locally from Scott at S&S Locksmiths, just down the street from Rath Auto. Soon, this pickup will make it’s new home in the service drive of the Meineke Car Care Center. 

 The Chevy runs and drives smoothly thanks to a 327 cubic inch crate engine matched to a TH-400 transmission and a 12-bolt Positrac rear end. Credit should also be given to the complete airbag suspension for both the smooth ride and the awesome stance of the truck.

 Anything needed under the hood will, of course, be handled by the technicians in our Meieneke Car Care Center. After any adjustments and tuning are done, a paint job is next, aiming for an aged, “rat rod” look with what will probably end up being vintage Meineke logos painted on the doors.

Expect to see plenty more pictures of this one as it is finish it out, and swing by the Meineke Car Care Center any time to check out our progress.

“Man, we’re going to have fun with this thing.” - Larry Rath

Written by: David Rath

Rat rod fort smith Arkansas Rath Auto
Rat rod Fort Smith Arkansas Rath Auto Resources
Rat rod Fort Smith Arkansas Rath Auto Resources
Rat rod Fort Smith Arkansas Rath Auto Resources
Rat rod Fort Smith Arkansas Rath Auto Resources
Rat rod Fort Smith Arkansas Rath Auto Resources
Rat rod Fort Smith Arkansas Rath Auto Resources
Rat rod Fort Smith Arkansas Rath Auto Resources
Rat rod Fort Smith Arkansas Rath Auto Resources
Rat rod Fort Smith Arkansas Rath Auto Resources

December - Fort Smith Children's Emergency Shelter Donations

The month of December, we will be taking donations for the Fort Smith Children's Emergency Shelter. They currently need any household cleaning supplies, office supplies, etc. You can bring your donations to our dealership at 4515 Towson Avenue in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Supplies that are specifically needed are household cleaning supplies, paper plates, trash bags, laundry detergent, clothes washing pods, and office supplies.

Finance Interview: David Rath at Rath Auto Resources

We did an interview with our finance manager, David Rath. We asked him the questions that will make your car buying process simple as well as some tips on how to build your credit, approach someone to be a cosigner and more!

What type of financing do you offer?

Indirect auto loans (when someone else - like me, get’s the loan for you)  ranging from very competitive prime rates to credit rebuilding programs and pretty much everything in between.

What happens if I have poor credit, can you still finance me?

There are a lot of factors that are involved in that such as vehicle choice, down payment, budget and things like that. But most of the time, yes!

How can I make sure I get the best interest rate with the lowest payment?

Answer: So much of that is based on where your credit is at the moment and somewhat based on how much payment you put down. There are a lot of factors that go into it, like credit score, but we will always offer you the best possible deal based on your situation.

How do I know if I need a cosigner for an auto loan?

Every situation is different. But you may need a cosigner if your income doesn't meet minimum requirements from a bank or if you are seeking an auto loan and you already have an auto loan currently.

What is your advice on approaching a co-signer to help me get my auto loan if I need one?

Every scenario is different, but your family is always the best place to start. If you are young and just getting started, your parents might be willing to help out. If you are married, your spouse is, of course, an option. While it is a commitment on their part, if you make your payments on time, it will build their credit at the same rate it builds yours.

What kind of questions will I need to answer in order to apply for financing?

Once you have found the right vehicle for you, the credit application is simple. We will fill out a standard application including  date of birth, social security number, how long you have been at your current job, how long you have been at your current address and how much money you make. Once we get deeper in the process, other questions may come up.

I am thinking about making a vehicle purchase this year, what are some things I can do now to make sure I have good credit when it comes time to purchase?

Limiting the amount of debt you have leading up to buying your car is one of the most straightforward ways to make sure you have a good score when you are ready to buy. Try to keep a balance at or below  20% of the max on your credit card(s). Pay off any outstanding collections, if you have any. Make your current payments you have on time and make sure they are up to date before your vehicle purchase .

What should I bring to Rath Auto Resources with me if I intend to purchase and finance a vehicle?

You will definitely need a valid Driver's License. It’s not always required, but bringing your most recent paycheck stub and a recent utility bill is always good. It’s not always the case, but sometimes the bank may ask for proof of income or residence. 

Rath Auto Partners with Sebastian County Humane Society

As most everyone knows, we are connected with 5 local charities and give them a monthly donation check based on the number of car sales.  The more cars we sell, the more money we give to our charities. Each month a different charity is featured as our spotlight charity and we work extra hard to get our community, customers and employees involved. The month of August we featured the Sebastian County Humane Society by being a drop-off donation location encouraging everyone to bring by dry dog food, wet dog food, wet cat food, dry cat food, pet beds, treats and toys! We also hosted a live adoption event this past Saturday - even one of our employees adopted a dog! Check out the photos!  Not all of the pets got adopted so make sure you stop by the Sebastian County Humane Society and adopt an animal from the shelter!

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Rath Auto is Sebastian Co. Drop Off Donation Center

As most of you know, our Sebastian County Humane Societ is in need of serious help right now. Rath Auto Resources is now an official drop off location for donations of cat litter, dry dog food, dry cat food, treats and pet beds until August 31st. Please bring them by and help our shelter as it faces the potential of a shut down due to finances.

Featured: Lizzy Rath - Siberian Husky adopted from the Sebastian County Humane Society in 2012.

Location: 4515 Towson Avenue, Fort Smith, Arkansas.

"Citing a decline in donations, the struggling Sebastian County Humane Society is in danger of permanently shutting down next month, according to its executive director.

“We now have $3,000 left in our account,” Executive Director JoAnn Barton said, “and it had $250,000 in it this time last year.”

A third of the nonprofit organization’s $60,000-a-month operating costs come from impound contracts with Fort Smith, Sebastian County and Crawford County, Barton said. Another 10 percent comes from adoption fees. The lion’s share, she added, comes from the community.

“Donations are down,” she said. “We struggle with what we have.”

The shelter doors at 3800 Kelley Highway could close within the next 30 days without intervention, Barton said.

“Fundraisers are not enough,” she said. “People need to give, and they have to make it a regular donation. People need to dig deep down and ask themselves why they can’t give. I don’t know what the answer is.”

To stay afloat, the shelter has over the years relied on dwindling funds from a savings account.

“We are a safe place for dogs and cats and other animals to be brought to, and it would be a very scary thing to not have the shelter here.” Humane Society Special Programs Coordinator Amber Neal said. “We need that community involvement and donations to survive.”

The Humane Society has been operating in Sebastian County since 1937. Today, the shelter houses an estimated 7,000 pets and potential pets a year, holding 300-400 animals on any given day. The Humane Society takes in stray dogs and cats, injured animals and pets whose owners are either unwilling or unable to take care of them. Also on the intake list are rats, rabbits, ferrets, horses and other animals in need of shelter.

Fundraisers are periodically held to support the Humane Society. Earlier this month, a canine beauty pageant called Cause of Paws Bark-b-que raised $20,000, according to Humane Society leaders. Another event taking place this month is the Fort Changers 5K, a charity race in which participants can donate food, cat litter and other supplies to the Humane Society. It will be held on Aug. 29.

The city of Fort Smith spends an estimated $300,000 each year to house its strays at the Humane Society.

Should the Humane Society close, the animals will be transferred to other outlets for adoption, Barton said. PetSmart, for example, has a charity program called Rescue Waggin’ in which animals from closed or overcrowded shelters are relocated to other areas for adoption.

- See more at:"

By Thomas Saccente
Times Record •

No Bully Buying Experience: Rath Auto Fort Smith Used Car Dealer

Rath Auto Resources is a "No-Bully" Zone. There's no need to be stressed out or worried about getting a good deal or about the car buying process. In fact at Rath Auto Resources we work hard to make buying a car fun. To take all the stress and hassle out of negotiating a car deal, I created my "Price Proposal Process." You don’t have to negotiate the best price for your car; instead I'll give you a proposal with all the details. You can look at the proposal and decide whether or not it makes sense for you. If not, you make a recommendation and I'll tweak the proposal based on your feedback. It's as simple as that.


Call and set up an appointment to come buy a new car today with a bully-free experience! Call 479-646-8251 or visit us at 4515 Towson Avenue in Fort Smith, Arkansas!

Before and After Dealership Remodel {Rath Auto Resources}

Putnam Lincoln Mercury was built in 1992. Larry Rath became owner of Putnam a decade later in 2002. It was in 2011, that Larry Rath's dealership was re-branded to become and independent used car dealership.  It was definitely time for the dealership to undergo some major cosmetic changes. Larry wanted a fresh and more relaxed environment to match the vibe of our dealership and  customer experience. Earlier this year, Rath Auto Resources embarked on the journey of a new identity. We not only refreshed our image, we also added new elements into our business plan - such as community involvement, charity donations made with the purchase of every vehicle, event sponsorships and becoming pet-friendly! We invite each of you to stop in today and see the changes for yourself! We would love to have you come in and meet us - Larry always makes time for a handshake!

Come visit us at 4515 Towson Avenue, Fort Smith, Arkansas.

July Donations by Rath Auto Resources

With every vehicle purchased, you choose one of five local pre-selected charities and Rath Auto Resources makes a donation on your behalf. We love our community and being involved as much as possible. Today we delivered our donation checks to Sebastian County Humane Society , River Valley Regional Food Bank , Children's Emergency Shelter , Community Rescue Mission and Fellowship Christian Athletes.

Did you know the Children's Emergency Shelter has 24 beds and is full nearly every day? They house and take care of children from ages 6-17 years old that have been removed from their home. This includes supplying meals, taking them to school and picking them up, help getting them dressed and nurturing them. The largest portion of their funding is spent toward certified educators tutoring children after school hours at their facility. When children are disrupted from their normal family, their school participation is negatively affected as well as their emotions and outlook on school. The Emergency Shelter does everything in their efforts to make sure children stay up to date with education as well as their self confidence.

The Sebastian County Humane Society is having an amazing adoption event in the month of August. All adoptions will be half price. Due to Easter, there are some pet rabbits currently available for adoption as well. Of course, the cute puppies and kitties too. :)  In case you didn't know, the animal shelter is a no-kill shelter. While that is wonderful news, there is a large need for food, litter, beds, etc!

The Food Bank is preparing for their big donation event in September. They feed many families and are very crucial element to our community.

As of right now, The Community Rescue Mission is in need of bottled water and sports drinks to make sure that the homeless in our area stay hydrated in these hot summer days.

FCA will have some upcoming events this fall as well. As you know, we just wrapped our sponsorship with the FCA Golf Tournament, which is their largest event of the year!

We Need Your Reviews! {Rath Auto Resources}

Hello friends, we need your help! Reviews online are crucial to our internet efforts and one of the most important deciding factors for our potential customers when choosing our dealership. It is important for us to make sure we hear from you and important that other people hear from you! Leave us a review and you might just get a customer appreciation surprise :)

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Children's Emergency Shelter Fort Smith, Arkansas

Anyone who has purchased a car in the past few months with us knows that we like to give back to our community. We have connected with four charities in our area. With every car that is sold, our customers get to cast a vote to one of the four charities they wish a donation be made to. One of these four, is the Children's Emergency Shelter here in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  The shelter is having a their largest fundraiser of the year on Friday,  June 5, 2015 at the Riverfront Amphitheater. It will be a Havana Night of hand rolled cigars, rum tasting & speciality, brewed beer, cuban inspired cuisine, award winning salsa band : Calle Soul and a silent auction! Tickets are $100.00. There is a limited number of tickets, so be sure to order yours online at . We would love to see you there and party with a purpose with us!